Alcest - Autre Temps
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Alcest - “Autre Temps”

Une prière lointaine que porte le vent du soir
Anime les feuilles dans leur danse alanguie.
C’est le chant des vieux arbres entonné pour toi,
Pour ces bois obscurs maintenant endormis.
Sans nous attendre tant de saisons ont passé;
Les feuilles dorées s’en allant mourir à terre
Renaîtront un jour sous un ciel radieux,
Mais notre monde érodé restera le même
Et demain toi et moi serons partis.

[English translation:]

Another Time

A distant prayer, carried by the evening wind
Enlivens leaves in their languid dance.
Hear the song of the old trees, singing for you
For the dark, resting woods.
So many seasons have passed; they did not wait.
The golden leaves dying on the ground
Will be reborn under bright skies
As this weatherworn world remains the same, 
And tomorrow, you and I will be gone.


am i doing it right?



why does everyone look so surprised when i say the reason for cutting my hair short is the hot weather, what were u expecting “i need to take my father’s place in war and the chinese army won’t accept women” ???

So what you’re saying is that you’re not going to help defend China from the Huns…?

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